Carnage Crew

Changing the Game

8,888 unique, hand designed 3D hover racers ready for the metaverse.

Influenced by steampunk and packed with utility.

Monthly $10,000 Prizes - From the Start!

Innovative NFT Upgrade Mechanism (CC Garage).

Doxxed Team.

Strong partnerships in place.


The Launch of a Global Brand

Carnage Crew is built from the foundation to be a lasting brand. 

Prize money will be sustainable through DeFi yields and the team has a solid growth plan in place.

The unique racer upgrade mechanism will change the game - burn the “Upgrade NFTs” to improve the performance stats.

Carnage Crew

Join the crew.

Holders of the first 8,888 OG racers will receive the highest rewards. These OG racers will always hold the highest value due to their utility. 

Take part in regular race events across the Carnage Crew race lands in the metaverses – with monthly prize rewards.

The first races will launch in Netvrk's metaverse which is built upon Unreal Engine 5 - this guarantees excellent graphics and an immersive experience.


Whitelist Mint

Whitelist Minting with max. 2 NFT allocation. 

Spread over 48 hours to prevent gas wars.


Remaining NFTs can be minted. FCFS (first come first serve) model.

Steampunk Hover Racing

As a team we are convinced that in the NFT space only quality will win long term. So called blue chip NFT and other highly successful projects have two things in common: Top notch quality and an engaged community. 

Our amazing designer Oleksii has delivered market leading quality - inspired by retrofuturistic Steampunk & Dieselpunk, and the classy 50s racing cars.

Carnage Crew members will add something very unique to the metaverse.

Carnage Crew

Crew Garage

The Carnage Crew Garage is the place where your racer can be upgraded. Burn an “Upgrade NFT” and select the performance area to improve by certain points.

An overall league statistics indicator then highlights your comparative performance. The higher the points, the better the chance to win bombastic race money. 

Now just imagine the value of a highly tuned racer on the marketplace compared to the floor.  

Racing Grounds

Our first races will be held in the amazing Netvrk Metaverse.

Carnage Crew has purchased the biggest land parcel available (EPIC size) and some other sizes which will serve as the initial racing courses. 

Netvrk metaverse is build on Unreal Engine 5 which comes with immersive life-like graphics. 

Players don’t need to hold any land NFTs, your racer NFT is the entry ticket!


Carnage Crew

Carnage Crew Roadmap - Building a Global Brand

Phase 1 - Q3 2022

Whitelisting and Public Sale. WL Sale will have a discounted price.

Make sure to follow our social channels to make use of many ways to grab one of our popular WL spots.

Phase 2 - Q3/Q4 2022

Staking of Carnage Crew NFTs will be available shortly after mint. This will enable special drops and more benefits for the staker, at the same time the staked NFT can still be used within the metaverse game.  

Finalize the Carnage Crew HQ on our virtual land (already purchased EPIC size land).

Modeling the 3D NFT files into fully functional metaverse racers.

Starting monthly $10,000 prizes - starting straight away after mint as community prices, then turning into real RACE prize money once the racing is live.

Finalize legal corporate structure. 

Phase 3 - Q4 2022

Launch CC Garage - Upgrade your racer’s performance data!

Opening Party of virtual CC HQ.

Launch Race & Championship events.

Execute a second NFT line drop.

Phase 4 - Q1 2023

Launch racer-lending functionality. Lend 2 Earn.

Merch line launch with renowned designer.

Potential development of Tokenomics.

Develop partnerships & establish Carnage Crew as a global brand with a deep vertical offering.

// All phases reliant on available funding.

Carnage Crew

Team and Advisors

Meet the Team.

Christoff Berlage

Experienced Marketeer and Founder

Christoff has more than 10 years of experience working in digital marketing. He also is the Head of Marketing for Paycer, a German registered CeDeFi startup.

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Oleksii Bychkov

Oleksii is one of the best Ukrainian Digital Designers. His portfolio includes digital art, advertising and game design.

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Blockchain Dev lead

Experienced (anon) blockchain dev.

Andrew Mellor

Having launched multiple gaming titles, Andrew advises the CC team and is building the gaming dev department.

Michael Menzel

Social Media professional and content creator.

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Marc Walker

Digital Marketing Expert

Marc has worked in the UK for leading digital agencies and has moved to Australia, working as an agency’s lead marketeer.

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Carnage Crew

Changing the game.